NFL expert Mike Florio released his Pre-Camp NFL Power Rankings and there are some major issues with the list, but most importantly the Chiefs are on top of the list, right?

You can watch the YouTube video below if you want to watch and listen to me break down Mike Florio's pre-camp NFL power rankings and rank my top 10 NFL teams before camp begins.

Ok so my biggest three problems with with Mike Florio's power rankings are that the Broncos are too high, I would put them around 27th on the list not at 22nd where he has them. I would move the Jets up about 10 spots, he has the Jets at 25th and I think they are closer to 15th. And finally, I can't in good conscience have the Eagles any higher than 8th, he has the Eagles 5th, but after the way last year ended and losing Kelce, Reddick, and Fletcher Cox, they are a top 10 talent team still not top 5.

My current Pre-Camp NFL Power Rankings are...

  1. Chiefs
  2. Lions
  3. 49ers
  4. Ravens
  5. Packers
  6. Bills
  7. Bengals
  8. Eagles
  9. Texans
  10. Rams
  11. Buccaneers
  12. Dolphins
  13. Chargers
  14. Browns
  15. Jets
  16. Cowboys
  17. Bears
  18. Steelers
  19. Jags
  20. Falcons
  21. Colts
  22. Seahawks
  23. Vikings
  24. Saints
  25. Raiders
  26. Titans
  27. Broncos
  28. Giants
  29. Commanders
  30. Cardinals
  31. Patriots
  32. Panthers

This list will change as we go through camp and the pre-season, knock on wood that your team will avoid major injuries during camp and the pre-season because that will be the biggest factor that will contribute to changes to this power ranking. Plus, if the rookie or second-year QBs go off and have a great pre-season that could help those teams move up the power rankings.

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