I grew up with Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck arguing over whether it was rabbit season or duck season. Recently, some midwestern hunters thought it was duck season, but the animal that answered their call was a big ole buck instead.

I believe this happened near Princeton, Wisconsin based on the video description which also included the hunters telling their story of how their duck hunt did not go as planned:

Jeff Fuller and Kevin Turner were out on a duck hunt in central Wisconsin. An 8 point buck appeared behind the two hunters in the marsh. Fuller made a grunt call with his voice and called the nice buck to within 2 yards, with the deer almost stepping on him!

When they say the buck nearly stepped on them, they're not even kidding. This big boy just strolls right past them.

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It's obvious this big buck doesn't understand how hunting works. When you see guys wearing camo and/or orange, you run the other direction. This majestic animal comes closer to get a better view of the guys with the guns.

Not complaining as it's not often you get to see a magnificent buck this close. I've seen the white tails running away from me, but never close enough for a hug.

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