The NBA season starts this week, and here is how I think the standings will look at the end of the shortened 72 game regular season.

Ok On The Mark fans it's your job to hold me to these standings, and predictions when the year ends we can look back at how brilliant (or more likely) stupid I was for thinking this is how the standings would look.

EASTERN CONFERENCE: 1.) Milwaukee Bucks 2.) Miami Heat 3.) Brooklyn Nets 4.) Boston Celtics 5.) Philadelphia 76ers 6.) Toronto Raptors 7.) Washington Wizards 8.) Chicago Bulls

WESTERN CONFERENCE: 1.) Los Angeles Lakers 2.) Denver Nuggets 3.) Los Angeles Clippers 4.) Dallas Mavericks 5.) Golden State Warriors 6.) Portland Trailblazers 7.) Utah Jazz 8.) Phoenix Suns

Ok so obviously this could all change depending on if James Harden is traded and where he goes, right now though I don't believe the Rockets are a playoff team in the west with Harden, and if he goes to the east depending on which team and what they give up that may effect my eastern standings. The other big storylines for me this NBA season are all about the Nets and how KD and Kyrie will play together under Steve Nash, can Doc Rivers make Embiid and Simmons work, will LeBron's body hold up under short rest and in year 18, and can Chris Paul do to Phoenix what he did to Oklahoma City last year? Plus I am very high on the Bulls this year, what can I say am I a homer? Ya probably but I can't wait to watch them under a legit head coach in Donovan!

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