If I adventured into a cave, I'd probably only find a very angry snake. According to a new video share, one lucky person didn't find a snake but instead came across a gorgeous crystal.

Here's a snippet from what the person who shared the video said about this special rock:

The fine mineral specimen presented in this video is a consist of cubic fluorite crystals from Cave in Rock, Hardin County, Illinois in the United States. It is 8 cm across...This fluorite specimen is finer than average because the faces are glassy lustered instead of being frosted. This piece is also bicolored with strong shades of purple and yellow and is mostly transparent to translucent and without being afflicted by any detracting veils.

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They don't specify which cave this crystal was found in, but I'd have to wonder about Cave-in Rock State Park in Hardin County.

The interesting thing about that part of Illinois is that there are quite a few hiking trails in the area. The Illinois Department of Natural Resources mentions they are of moderate difficulty, but if crystals like featured in the video above are a possibility, sign me up.

Fluorite crystals aren't rare at all, however it's not often you find one with the purple/gold color combination this one has. No wonder why it is now part of a private collection. Never know what secrets caves in our part of America might be hiding.

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