Louisiana still has an acting police director, but not a city administrator.   

The City Council voted 5 to 2 Wednesday night to uphold the decision by Mayor Bart Niedner to fire Bob Jenne.    However, Jenne will continue to oversee the police department and is scheduled to meet with Niedner at 2 p.m. today to discuss the position.    The council originally voted to dismiss Jenne from the city administrator’s job on January 22nd over allegations that Jenne mishandled a water plant improvement project. Jenne denied the charges.    Both sides stuck to their guns at Wednesday’s open hearing, which lasted more than two hours.

Before the council vote, Jenne said he would be willing to resign as city administrator if he could remain as police director at his current salary of 78 thousand dollars a year. Then on June 1st, his pay would drop to the former police chief’s salary of around 59 thousand.

The council did not vote on the proposal. Jenne declined after the hearing to say whether he would consider legal action.     Meanwhile, Niedner says he has no cause to fire Jenne as acting police director, an unpaid job responsibility Jenne accepted when Chief Rich Hughes died in 2014.