I'm going to state something that sounds like it can't possibly be true, but it is. Millions of zombie cicadas are about to invade Illinois. It's a real thing and there's science to prove it. Oh, and they might already be on the way, too.

Yes, zombie cicadas are real and I can prove it. I saw Accuweather of all places share news about a fungus called Massospora cicadina. According to what I found on Wikipedia, it is a fungus that takes over the abdomen on a cicada while it's still alive and...takes over turning it into a zombie of sorts.

Let's do some math. We already know that Illinois is expecting a double invasion of cicadas from two different broods simultaneously in numbers we haven't seen in over 200 years. Now, many of them will be zombies? Wonderful. Oh, and it gets even better. It's believed that these cicadas invading Illinois will also be "sex-crazed".

Previously, it was expected that Illinois would start to see the cicadas beginning in late May through the first few weeks of June. Now, it's believed that due to higher than usual ground temperatures and moisture, the cicada invasion may start any day now.

The good news is that cicadas don't live long with a life expectancy of only a week or two. But, what about zombie cicadas? How can something die if it's already dead? Asking for a friend.

If you had sex-crazed zombie cicadas on your 2024 Illinois bingo card, you win. Or, we all lose.

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