Missouri has a sad history of people that have become unhinged and done terrible things. But, there's a big difference between a narcissist and to truly know you're dealing with a psychopath. New studies reveal tell-tale signs to watch for.

If you check Wikipedia for the list of serial killers who have done their evil in Missouri, you'll see the list is very long. I've always wondered how their victims couldn't tell they were dealing with someone who would put their life in danger. It's harder to detect than you think.

The Daily Mail has an interesting interview with a psychologist named Dr Nicholas Kardaras who has had direct interactions with psychopaths. He said that to a regular person, the eventually violent serial killers would appear perfectly nice.

How can you know the difference between someone in Missouri who just has a bad attitude versus someone that's really dangerous?

The doctor described what he said was a "dark, shark-like look in the eyes, a dead stare".

Healthline shared some additional qualities you can watch for that would indicate you're dealing with a psychopath including a lack of empathy and being unable to discern right from wrong. Someone that desires to be alone but with a desire to manipulate others and turn situations to their own advantage might also be alarms that you're in the midst of a dangerous person. It's not just one sign or look, but a combination that results in a person that goes from being odd to a life-taker and/or abuser.

Just because you don't like someone doesn't mean they're a psychopath. Someone truly deranged that desires to become the next John Wayne Gacy are fortunately few and far between. But, knowing signs to look for might save your life and those around you.

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