I know I've seen this Missouri man somewhere before, but I just can't place him. He sure does look like someone I've seen on TV a few times...give me a second. Oh, wait...former President Clinton? Is that you?

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If you think I'm imagining things, look at the US Marshals Most Wanted poster for yourself. The man's name is Bill Clinton David K. Harris.

US Marshals
US Marshals

The US Marshals say that Bill Clinton "David Harris has an outstanding federal arrest warrant issued on August 21, 1997 for violations of bond after a federal fraud conviction." This Missouri man has been on the run from the US Marshals for almost 27 years now and they would love for him to be caught.

There's no confirmation that he was reportedly seen near a female accomplice. No truth to that whatsoever, but the feds sure would appreciate any info you have that might bring Bill Clinton this Missouri man to justice.

There's a Missouri US Marshal who is hot on the trail of Bill Clinton David K Harris who you can contact if you have any information about his whereabouts. He is Deputy U.S. Marshal Drew Polan who can be reached at (314) 810-2087.

Before you ask, yes, they've probably checked Whitewater, Arkansas and that's the truth.

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