Missouri has needed rain for much of 2023 as much of the state has experienced extreme drought conditions. The good news is that it's rained in Missouri over the past week with some areas seeing up to 10 inches in just a 7 day period.

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The National Weather Service in St. Louis shared this startling graphic showing a path of rain over the past week which drenched much of the state with Farmington, Missouri seeing a staggering 9.8 inches of rain.

National Weather Service
National Weather Service

This video shows how intense the rain was at one point in Farmington, Missouri just 4 days ago.

Farmington, Missouri was not alone in dealing with the sudden deluge of moisture, Gerald, Missouri received 4 inches of rain in only 30 minutes last Wednesday.

It looks like most of Missouri will get a break from the rain before thunderstorm chances return later this week. As it stands, 10 inches in just 7 days is a remarkable turnaround for a state that desperately needs moisture...preferably not in flood form.

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