It was for a scenario that fortunately never happened in real life, but there was a time when stealth bombers in Missouri were doing practice runs in the event that they were needed to attack North Korea. New audio reveals what those practice runs were like.

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Radio & Nukes just shared this interesting Missouri (and American) history on X (the artist formerly known as Twitter) about what they witnessed sitting on a porch in Missouri back in 2017.

This is the audio recorded from those B-2 stealth bombers as shared on Soundcloud.

It's no state secret that Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri is one of the homes for the nation's stealth bombers. Most of us civilians never know all of the preparation work that these crews and pilots go through when a crisis happens in the world like the one that flared up in North Korea back in 2017.

A few decades ago I became friends with some Army Rangers who are some of the finest special forces the world will ever know. They rarely spoke about any of their work or training for good reason. What they are capable of is shared only on a need to know basis and I didn't (and don't) need to know. It's interesting that this audio has been shared now revealing all that the stealth bomber crews do when an enemy appears on the horizon. Let's hope this all remains in the realm of practice without the need for real deployment any time soon.

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