Here we are again trying to find the best of the best in the Show-Me State. One new ranking claims the best fries in the entire state are at the ONE restaurant you have to visit.

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Most locations where you can get the best fries in Missouri are in Springfield. With multiple locations, Lovefood claims that Black Sheep is the one restaurant where you will find the best crispy, tastiest fries you will ever eat.

Pesce Huang on Unsplash
Pesce Huang on Unsplash

Why Black Sheep?

Well, according to Lovefood it's the way that the fries are created from a potato.  "It includes blanching, freezing, then frying the potato sticks, along with using a specialized fridge to ensure that everything is kept at just the right temperature."

Listen, no matter where I go I've never had a bad French Fry. It's like the one food you can't do any wrong with, in fact for me, it's what put on the fries after they are cooked is that makes them yummy in my tummy. Now, if there is a restaurant out there claiming that the way the fries are made and prepared is the best, I am all about trying them and tasting them for myself.

Try These Fries For Yourself

The Black Sheep menu does have some good-looking fancy fries that seem to be delicious. I will be in Springfield this summer so I will have to remember to go to the Black Sheep to try these fries out for myself.

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