Oh Rats! This is not great news for one Illinois city and a list I don't think any city wants to be on.

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Orkin names Chicago as the most rat-infested city in the nation topping the list at number 1. Gross! This is not any big news for Chicago residents who see many of the little (or big) rodents in the city. Data is collected by the number of services orkin performed in the previous year on taking care of these pesky rodents.

Why the Big Infestation?

Even though you might not see a lot of trash on the sidewalks, alleys are used as trash sites for apartments, restaurants, and other businesses. So even if you don't see a ton of rats they are hiding in those alleyways where they are feasting on trash.

Another Illinois City

Chicago is not the only Illinois city on the list, Champaign ranks number 41 (down 14 spots from last year). The good news for Missouri is that there are no cities on the top 50 list from the Show-Me State.

I can't image living in a city where it could be overtaken by these rodents. I scream bloody murder when I see a tiny mouse, I can't even think about seeing a giant rat. I grew up in New York (number three on the list).

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