I struggle to get my girls to help with chores around the house, especially taking out the trash. Well, there is one weird law in Missouri that says children SHOULDN'T take about the trash if there is one particular item in it.

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If there ever was an excuse for kids to not take the trash out it's this one. A Missouri Law states that if there is a beer can, bottle, wine bottle, or anything alcohol in the trash children under the age of 21 can not take the trash out. Insert face-palm emoji here.

If you have a beer with dinner, throw it out, and ask your underage child to take out the trash, be careful! In an unenforced law, it is illegal for children under the age of 21 to take out household trash that contains even one bottle of alcohol – even if it is empty.

I don't even think about what's in the trash after I put something in it, especially a wine bottle to beer can. But, if you live in Missouri and a child is caught carrying a trash bag to the curb with a beer can or wine bottle according to Simon Law Firm it could lead to some series consequences.

This situation falls under illegal possession of alcohol and could bring serious consequences, but it is luckily not the biggest worry of law enforcement. However, just to be careful, give your kids the night off from trash duty.

Now, how often is this even enforced? Well, I lived in Missouri for a while before moving to Illinois and I can tell you that I have never heard of this law and I am sure if you ask any Missourian who has lived in the Show-Me State all their lives has never heard of this law.

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