Starbucks has nothing on this local Missouri coffee shop that serves up unique variations of your favorite coffees and has a food menu that will blow you away. It is no wonder that the Food Network named it the Best Coffee Show in Missouri!

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According to the experts at the Food Network, the best coffee shop in the Show-Me State of Missouri is The Mud House in St. Louis! The Mud House is located on Cherokee Street just a few blocks from the Budweiser Brewery. What makes The Mud House special? The Food Network says...

"In addition to crafting the best breakfast burrito in town, Mud House is the place to go for coffee in St. Louis. The draw isn't just the beans from nearby Blueprint Coffee (plus other national roasters) or the atmosphere (regulars come for those burritos and stay until closing): Part of the appeal is also the creative drink menu, which features unique coffee cocktails like a Dank and Stormy (cold brew, ginger, lime) and a cold-brew tonic infused with Fever Tree and served with an orange peel."

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The Mud House

I have never heard of The Mud House so I went to their Facebook page to check out more about them and they serve adult beverages, sandwiches, as well as teas to take home! This place just shot up to the top of my "must-try" list the next time I'm in St. Louis, do you think The Mud House is truly the best coffee shop in all of Missouri?

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