There is no better fame than Instagram fame, right? Well, one of the ten most Instagram'd streets in the US is in the Land of Lincoln, and It certainly isn't the most beautiful street in Illinois...

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According to the data from, the Magnificient Mile aka Michigan Ave in Chicago is the 8th most Instagram'd Street in the US. Michigan Ave has been hash-tagged over 350,000 times making it more popular than Lombard Street in San Francisco, Melrose Ave in Los Angeles, and Beale Street in Memphis. On the site, they say...

"From Miami’s sun-soaked boulevards to the neon-lit avenues of Las Vegas, the United States has countless streets that are iconic in their own right. But only the most picturesque appear again and again on travelers’ Instagram feeds. Here at Wanderu, we’re all about helping you explore. That’s why we wanted to fuel your wanderlust with a ranking of the most famous streets in America, according to Instagram."

So which streets are MORE famous than Michigan Ave...? The number 1 spot belongs to Ocean Drive in Miami, followed by NW 2nd Ave in Miami, Bourbon Street in New Orleans, Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles, and The Strip in Las Vegas. Chicago has more than one street on the list however, Lake Shore Drive (pictured above) is the 18th most hash-tagged street on Instagram, and personally, I think Lake Shore Drive is the most beautiful street in all of Illinois. To see the full list of famous streets click here!

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