It's not exactly breaking news that all of America would have a very bad day if we ever face a worst-case scenario of an all-out nuclear attack. But, one Illinois place in particular has been named as one of the most at-risk if suddenly the world becomes apocalypse now.

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As I've shared about a year ago, the FEMA map of nuke targets features many Missouri and Illinois places as likely targets of an all-out nuke attack.

Infographic, FEMA
Infographic, FEMA

But, what about a limited strike of only a few cities? MSN recently shared an article that lists the cities most at-risk in America if that scenario ever happens.

#4 most likely to be hit in the first barrage of nuclear missiles is Chicago

Why would Chicago be one of the first targets of a nuclear enemy? The MSN article says "this Illinois city is located within 50 miles of four nuclear power plants". The number of casualties they estimate if the Windy City is hit are staggering with "626,170 deaths and more than 1.1 million injuries".

The sad truth of the matter is both Missouri and Illinois would likely be first-strike targets when you consider that the US Air Force stealth bombers are based at Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri and fallout from western targets would overwhelm our atmosphere, too. While a Chicago hit would be devastating, it really wouldn't matter where the first missiles hit as society as we know it would likely be no more as chaos would reign.

Let's hope this remains in the real of science fiction and movies and never reality.

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