You won't find many people who've actually been to Missouri's Lemp Mansion that don't believe there's something strange present there. Now, there's proof. An investigator has captured video of an apparition that's hard to explain without using the word "ghost".

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As we've shared before, many believe Lemp Mansion in St. Louis is haunted by as many as 9 entities. Now, an investigator from the Soul Searching YouTube channel shared what happened when she stayed there earlier this year:

While staying overnight at the Lemp Mansion in St. Louis, Missouri, I investigated the room where the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported Charles Lemp had committed suicide in 1949, and I captured an apparition.

This short video is barely over a minute, but once you see the slow motion reveal of what walked through the motion detectors she set up, you'll believe.

At around the :45 second mark, this is what she saw.

Soul Searching via YouTube/Canva
Soul Searching via YouTube/Canva

What is that? I have a theory that I'd be willing to stake my life on. I believe that it's one of the many legions of a certain someone I will not say the name of that "masquerades as an angel of light".

One interesting aspect of this video is the electronic voice phenomena that was recorded just prior to the apparition appearing that said "William's Coming Now". Right. It can claim it's "William", but I suspect someone something else entirely.

This video is more evidence that there is a dangerous realm out there whether you choose to believe it or not.

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