I promise this will be the last blog on mini-golf -- at least for a while.

This weekend was the Missouri State Open professional mini-golf tournament at Sawyer's Creek. Five pros were on hand, from Quincy, Jefferson City MO, Blue Springs MO, Kentucky and Mississippi. There was also an amateur division. That contained three -- one from Hannibal, one from Quincy, and one from Winchester, IL -- that would be me.

The weekend started with a benefit round Friday night for Leaps of Love. Some of the families served by that organization came to play, and everyone, pros included, seemed to have a good time.

Then came the competition itself Saturday. Now, understand that I'm only playing because Jeanne Youngwirth at Sawyer's Creek would hunt me down if I didn't. There were prizes for the top three amateurs, so I figured there would a big turnout, I'd shlep around the course, wind up fifth or sixth and chalk it up to exercise on a nice day. But when only three of us showed up (did I mention the guy from Quincy was my son), and I came to the realization that everybody's going to leave with a prize, I figured OK, let's see what we can get done.

But, apparently, the other two had the same thought. We were all bunched up pretty good most of the day. Then, my son (who was battling a bad hamstring and two bad knees) fell back. I managed to finish seven rounds over two days one stroke better than second place. I know, I'm just as surprised as you are.

With a deep bow in the direction of all the folks at Sawyer's Creek, I don't think I'll be playing any mini-golf anytime soon.

I should also mention that, on the way out of town Saturday night, I drove down Main Street, and it was great to see all the activity in the historic district, thanks to the Second Saturday Gallery Walk and a number of businesses staying open late.