If you've ever had a tire ruined thanks to a pothole, you know the struggle is real. According to a new ranking, Illinois is one of the states that's guilty of this driving sin more than just about any others.

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This tire-wrecking study comes from Quote Wizard. They really did a deep study on this one (no pothole pun intended) going back all the way to 2004 to determine which states have the most pothole complaints. Congrats, Illinois. You're all the way up at #7 on their chart.

Quote Wizard
Quote Wizard

Missouri isn't exactly innocent of tire abuse sins either coming in at #23. If the list is to be believed, Iowa is driving heaven as it's near the bottom in the ranking. Apparently no one has ever driven on I-80 through Iowa before. (*sigh*)

There must be some truth to this study as Cook County, Illinois has entire area of their website dedicated to reporting pothole damage.

The good news about this study? If your company sells and/or repairs tires and does wheel alignment, business for you will likely be booming in Illinois. Literally.

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