The Guinness Book of World Records has everything, but I am not sure they know the world's largest laundromat.

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Dubbed by Reader's Digest as the largest laundromat in the world this not-so-small building has lots of features. You have probably never heard of Berwyn, Illinois (I know I haven't) but I am sure you won't forget it now. The town holds an extremely rare record, home to the world's largest laundromat. It really is more than a laundromat, it has a game room, over 300 machines, and over 13,000 square feet of the building. They have been the world's largest laundromat since 1983, and I am surprised that no one has challenged that record.

The building also has a huge selection of vending machines, tables and chairs, a bird cage, and free Wi-Fi. They have been featured in newspapers all around the world (except in Antarctica). I just want to go and see what this place looks like more than anything. It seems like a fun spot to do your laundry and probably makes laundry fun. Ok, maybe not that fun, but how cool would it be to for once do laundry in the world's largest laundromat?

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