If you found a mysterious hole in the ground, would you grab some rope and descent down into it? A group of explorers did and learned the unknown hole they found went down over 200 feet into the Earth.

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I saw this interesting adventure trending on Digg recently and there's a good reason for that. There's no mention of where they found this hole, but we have plenty of caves in our area, so wouldn't be surprised if this is in our part of America. The Action Adventure Twins on YouTube are notorious spelunkers who said this about what they found:

Do Not Fall In This Hole. anybody who does will drop straight down hundreds of feet into a massive cave. watch us go inside and explore as far as we can go!

For me, this is a great big NOPE. It is compelling to watch though even if my claustrophobia kicks in something fierce. (NOTE: don't even think of trying this as it's mega dangerous and that's not exaggerating one little bit) Even a trained cave explorer can be injured doing something like this.

Since we have a lot of limestone under our feet, it's not unusual to find caves all over the place. Start Caving offers some tips of how to locate an unexplored cavern. However, I would warn again to NEVER explore alone and/or don't have training. As compelling as exploring like this can be, it is not for the faint of heart even if you have the ideal set of gear.

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