When traveling, my husband and I love stopping and drinking local breweries, and this one we want to visit soon.

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Highway 20 Brewing Company is located in Elizabeth, Illinois and the building used to be a small church in the community. the building was built in 1875 and has just recently been opened by a couple.


I love that the flights on the church flight board that such a cute idea. I am not a big beer drinker, but I do like tasting and experiencing all types of breweries. Of course, we have to stop by the gift shops and purchase a few things to remember our trips pf all the places we've been. The number of locally-owned breweries in Illinois continues to grow.

In 2012, Illinois had 83 breweries and brewpubs in the state and the number has grown since then. California has the most breweries with over 900 followed by Colorado, Washington, and New York. So if you happen to be traveling to Galena anytime soon, head south on the historic Highway 20 and you will come to the small church turned into a brewery. THere's an idea for someone in Quincy looking to renovate an abandoned church, that would be some story to tell.

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