National Lampoon's Halloween Vacation? Hear me out.

You know the story, You've probably seen the movie dozens of times.

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Among the movies that are required viewing when we get to Christmas time is the 1989 classic, "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation."

For those seven people in the universe who have never seen it, the oversimplified summary involves Clark Griswold's obsession with making sure the family home is perfectly adorned for the holidays, from the outside decorations to the tree (more on that later).

But, as is the case with all things in the world of the Griswold's, things go south very quickly. Cousin Eddie and the family show up unannounced and, as they say, hilarity ensues.

One example (beware, there's are a couple of curse words in here):

In the last few years, the desire to go all out to decorate for Christmas has carried over to Halloween. In fact, we ran across a Facebook page recently called, "National Lampoon Needs to Make Halloween Vacation."

Can you imagine, especially after watching how the family freaks out over a squirrel, what could be in store for the Griswold's at Halloween.

So if all of this raises the question, if the Griswold's were to decorate for Halloween, what would it look like - here are some examples.

If the Griswold's Decorated for Halloween, What Would it Look Like?

There's a Facebook page called, "National Lampoon Needs to Make Halloween Vacation." We quite agree. But, if the Griswold's did decorate for Halloween, what would it look like?


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