If you are a regular morning listener to KHMO, you have heard a program called Talk Back. It runs four times a morning, at 8:10, 8:20, 9:10 & 9:20. If you don't know, during those times we visit with various business people and community leaders about their business or cause.

I've been hosting Talk Back for about five and-a-half years now, and I feel like I could take the college equivalency test and get a degree in something, just from listening to all the different folks that have stopped by for Talk Back. Today, for instance, we talked to Amie Smith at Servpro about dealing with disasters, Rick Wilson at K & K Performance Automotive Repair about vehicles, as well as covering the latest happenings at Main Street Wine Stoppe and Sawyer's Creek. We talk at various times about the medical community, tourism, the work of various organizations, etc., etc., etc.

If you're a regular listener to Talk Back, thanks. If you're not, check us out. You might learn something.