An abandoned house left in the woods looks like the owners just up and left everything one day and just never came back.

The property still has power to the house, classic cars just left to rust, cups, and food left in the kitchen, and pictures everywhere. It just looks like the family just walked away from the property and never went back. You would never know just walking in the woods that there is a house there. You will not be able to find a driveaway or gravel road leading up to the house, it's just there.

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What I think is really strange is that there is the power to the house. In the video, the crew was able to get the TV on to play a VHS tape of Roadhouse starring Patrick Swayze. In looking through the house the crew found a calendar from 2001, so it might be a clue as to when someone was last there living in the house, which has started to fall apart with the ceiling starting to cave in. But why would someone leave the power on? Someone has to be paying the electric bill and have a current standing cause if they didn't the power would be shut off, it's just so strange. Just looking at the video the house looks like something you would see in a scary movie.

What happened to the family, why is there power to the house, who's paying for the power? So many questions for a mysterious home in the woods. There is one particular room on the house that just has a unique feature to it, watch the video to see what I am talking about.

You have to wonder how much those classic cars would be worth. There has to be some major money in this house from the property to the cars, and all the classic plates and cups, there's a ton of money in this place.

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This home in the woods has been abandoned for 19-years, but still has the power on, and it's like walking through a time capsule.


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