This heat wave continues on and with it comes complacency that you can work your way through it without suffering any problems. "Hey, if I can make it through four days of this, what's one more day going to do to me?" It is just that kind of thinking that could get you killed.

So remember, take plenty of breaks if you are working outdoors. Drink plenty of water. Get into some shaded areas as often as you can and check on your co-workers. Some are just too proud to say they are not feeling well. Then all of a sudden they pass out. You have to look out for each other in weather like this.

With that said, the same thing holds true for the animals who are out in this heat. As hot as you feel, imagine wearing a heavy coat in this weather. If you can get them inside please do it. Pets and animals suffer just like humans do. The difference is you can get yourself water. They can't. You can get into a shaded area, in some cases they can't.  You can look after your companion, they can't. That's why they need you.

Just because they seem to have made it OK through the first few days of this 90 plus weather doesn't mean that they can't suffer heat stroke today or during one of the next few days. Please check on the pets and animals that are outside in weather like today.

They need shade. They need cold water (several times a day) and they need your assurance that you are taking care of them. That's why their tail wags when you show up. I guarantee, if you passed out from the heat, your pet would be the first to come check on you. Let's keep you and your pet safe from this heat wave.