It’s a requirement in many parts of the country that you drive with your headlights on when it’s raining hard enough to require use of the windshield wipers.  Driving around this morning, I noticed several drivers motoring along with the headlights off. Those cars are hard to see, and depending on what color they are, virtually impossible to see. Silver and dark gray cars blend right into the gloom.  The idea of having the lights on is to be seen by others.

My lights are always on. The cars I’ve owned over the last 15 years came with the daytime running lights. I’m also convinced that those lights keep another driver or two each year from doing something dumb and pulling out in front of me.  Many years ago, I had a light tan car that blended into the color of concrete highways very nicely. It seemed like other drivers were always pulling out in front of me or changing lanes right in my face.

Cars and trucks do blend into the scenery very well if they’re the right color. Dark green, black and dark gray cars vanish into the shadows and the trees along Illinois 57, especially on sunny days.  Think about it. A dark car in the shade on a bright day.  Turn on the lights. Make yourself visible. It’s harder for that other driver to hit you if he or she can see that you’re out there.