Are you one of those folks for whom Christmas isn't Christmas unless there is a real life, living Christmas tree in your home?

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Back in the day, to lessen the mess of falling needles from real trees, people would wait until the week before Christmas to get their tree (in the old holiday movies, the family tradition would be a trip to the woods with an ax on Christmas Eve to get their tree).

As a public service, let me be the first to tell you that if you were planning to wait until closer to Christmas to find that real tree - you might want to rethink that, especially if you were looking to get your real tree at a real tree farm.

There are three Christmas tree farms in the area.

The Branch Ranch in Philadelphia and Mathews Christmas Trees and Wreaths in Liberty both sold out and closed for season last weekend. Fouch's Christmas Tree Farm in Kirksville posted Tuesday that they were almost out of trees, plus the fact that they will be closing for good after this season.

Unless you want to travel and hope for the best, an online search reveals places like Frese Ornamental Nursery or Bergman Nursery in Quincy and your friendly neighborhood Lowe's or Wal-Mart would be your best bet.

So, if you absolutely insist on a real tree for Christmas - happy hunting.

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