If you would allow me a moment, I'd like to tell you about an old friend.

We got word Monday of the passing of Harry Wagy, who, at various times of his life, was known as a coach, teacher, broadcaster, golfer, singer and musician.

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Harry died unexpectedly Monday at age 73.

I first knew Harry as a basketball coach at Nebo Elementary School in the 70s. From there, he moved on to Pleasant Hill, where he had his biggest successes as a coach, taking one of his junior high teams to a state tournament, then leading the Pleasant Hill High School Wolves for eleven seasons, from 1978 to 1999.

The Wolves won a lot of games during those years, but I heard Harry say more than once that his favorite memories as a coach were when his Wolves were able to beat Coach Dave Bennett's Pittsfield Saukees.

After he left coaching, he spent time as a teacher at the Pittsfield Work Camp.

Also, for a number of years, he took to the airwaves and became a much-loved broadcaster, mostly on WBBA in Pittsfield.

I got to know Harry well during his time at Pleasant Hill during my radio days in Pittsfield, and was very proud of the broadcaster he became.

He was part of a quality group of coaches that I got to work with in the 70s and 80s, a group that included Dave Bennett at Pittsfield, Terry Robertson at Griggsville, Rick Parker at Perry, Paul Kreke at Liberty and Pat Rafferty at Payson.

Harry was one of those guys that you looked forward to being in a group with, just to listen to him swap stories with friends and colleagues.

He will be sorely missed by Dixie, Candi, Richie, four grandkids, two-and-a-half great grandkids, and scored of friends, students, players and listeners.

I was proud to call Harry Wagy my friend, and I was humbled that the feeling was mutual.

Rest well Coach.

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