A Hannibal woman is now lodged in the Marion County Jail for Deceptive Business Practices and Stealing.

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40-year-old Amanda Stuart was under investigation for 9-months involving over thirty victims. HPD started their investigation of Stuart when they were alerted to her selling items on Facebook, collecting the money, and never sending the products she sold. The first complaint of Stuart came from a resident in Louisana (the state).

After a very long investigation, HPD was able to local over thirty victims across the country that Stuart had contacted about items for sale. Stuart was taken into custody after multiple warrants were issued by the 10th Judicial Circuit Court of Marion County. Her bond was set at $25,000 cash or surety, and she remains in the Marion County Jail.

When buying items on Facebook Scams always remember to never talk about mailing payments, don't use unusual payments, never pay in advance, and be aware of fake accounts.

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