Hannibal Regional Medical Group recently formed a Board of Directors as a step in the formalization of HRMG as a distinct and separate subsidiary unit of HRHS.  The Board of Directors will be comprised of five physicians, three community leaders and a non-voting nurse practitioner. 
"The Board of Directors, which will act as the governing body of Hannibal Regional Medical Group, is made up of physicians and community volunteer members who are committed to helping HRMG play a leading role in the community," said Tim Polley, Executive Director of HRMG. "I congratulate our new Board of Director appointees and am confident they will represent HRMG effectively in their new roles." They are:
  • Arvin Abueg, MD; Family Medicine – Dr. Abueg has been practicing at the Canton Family Practice in Canton, MO with HRMG for over 2 years.
  • Pervez Alvi, MD; Cardiologist – Dr. Alvi has been a member of HRMG as a member of the Cardiology services for four years.
  • Katarzyna Derlukiewicz, MD; Psychiatry – Dr. Derlukiewicz has been a member of HRMG for three years as part of the Center for Child Success.
  • Pierre Gilles, MD; General Surgeon – Dr. Gilles has been with HRMG for a year.
  • Dale Zimmerman, DO; Family Medicine – Dr. Zimmerman has been with HRMG since 1993,  practicing at the Monroe City Family Practice Clinic.
  • Luvell Glanton, MD, Anesthesia/Pain Management – Dr. Glanton has been with HRMG since 2007.
Community Leaders:
  • Jeriod Turner is currently a Banking Relationship Manager at Commerce Bank in Hannibal.
  • Steve C. Viorel is a lifelong resident of the Hannibal area and has been with HNB Bank as a financial/investment advisor for ten years, since graduating from Culver Stockton College.
  • Robert M. Clayton, II was a circuit court judge for the 10th Circuit Court in Missouri. He retired from the court in December 2010. Judge Clayton had a successful law practice in the Hannibal area for many years.
Nurse Practitioner: (non-voting member of Board of Directors)
  • Andrea Hawkins, FNP-C – Andrea is currently collaborating with Dr. Gulzar and has been a member of HRMG since 2004.