A week of the usual School Spirit activities, capped off with football and a salute to our military are among the highlights of Homecoming Week for the Hannibal Pirates.

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Starting at the end of the week and working back: word has gone out to Pirate Nation to invite any and all military personnel they know - active, reserve or veteran - to Friday's night's game against Kirksville at Porter Stadium.

Plans call for an on-field ceremony, "A Salute to Our Military," at about 6:45 p.m.

It's all an effort to show our military how much they are appreciated by the community. And, as always, all veterans, active duty and reserves, get into the game for free.

Leading up to the game, "Hannibal Pirates are Out of This World," is the theme for School Spirit Week.

Of course, each day this week has a theme. So, parents, if you haven't gotten the memo on the dress code for the week, here you go.

Tuesday 9/28 - To Infinity and Beyond - Rock your best Disney gear, or dress up as your favorite Disney character for the day!


Wednesday 9/29 - Space Cowboy - Grab your hats, your boots and your flannel, it's Western Day!

Mick Haupt/Unsplash
Mick Haupt/Unsplash

Thursday 9/30 - Space Jam - It's the day before the big game - celebrate by wearing a jersey or shirt from your favorite sports team.

Friday 10/1 - No Space Like Home - Show off your PIRATE PRIDE and bring out all the Black and Red you've got!

And, of course, there's lots to be proud of these days, with the Pirates undefeated and state ranked coming into Friday's game.

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