It's easy to take something for granted when it's practically in your own backyard. That's especially true of the Great River Road. Did you know that it's been named the best road trip you can take in America?

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This began with an article from MSN about road trips you need to discover. The Great River Road was in their list. That led to a declaration of sorts by Only In Your State that the Great River Road was one of the best road trips you can take in America. Since we live right in the middle (and I would argue the best part) of The Great River Road, we know a thing or two about why it's finally getting some recognition.

While I've driven the Missouri, Illinois and Iowa part of it many times, I'm not that familiar with the northern stretch which extends into Wisconsin and Minnesota. A recent share of that part of Great River Road is an eye-opener about how pretty and relaxing it is also.

3,000 miles of roadway that really is hard to compare to any other scenic drive. The only other real competition I can think of would be the Beartooth Highway in Montana and Highway 1 up the California coast.

The interesting takeaway about The Great River Road being thought of as one of the best road trips has as much to do with the towns along the route as the road itself. The river provides the scenery, but it's the culture and towns that run along it that make it the great experience it is.

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