A worker in Burlington, Iowa had a dilemma a few days ago. A bird where they worked had somehow gotten trapped behind a window with no easy way out. The Good Samaritan took action so this problem ended up having a happy ending.

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Based on the video description, this happened in Burlington, Iowa on October 29, 2022. Here's how they described what they found:

This bird was stuck between the stained glass and protective plexiglass at the venue where I work.

Spoiler Alert: the bird returned to the skies.

In the big picture scheme of things, was this a major philanthropic accomplishment? Nope. However, I would argue that if everyone took the time in tiny moments like this to do the right thing when they really don't have to...well, I think those little things would add up to something pretty awesome.

As it is, it's just one more bird that is now safely in the sky/trees where he/she/it belongs. Next time I hear the song "Free Bird", I'm gonna think of this little guy.

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