Never underestimate us midwestern folk ability to be neighborly and that includes state troopers and truckers. New video shows one good-hearted trucker who saw an Iowa state trooper was stuck in the mud and decided he had to stop and do something about it.

Based on the video description, this happened in Iowa on I-80 the day before Halloween. Here's how the driver described this actually very brave effort:

The trooper was responding to a call. The next exit was miles down interstate 80, so to save time, he tried the median, not knowing how bad it was. I passed him going westbound and could tell he was stuck. I took the next exit and turned around, and went back to pull him out with my semi-truck. I do not recommend anyone else try this. It was very risky and dangerous. I was able to pull him out of the mud. He was very appreciative.

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I have been stuck in mud this deep and to say it's not fun is a wild understatement.

The comments on YouTube have been both supportive and critical. Many were second-guessing the truck driver on not pulling steady enough explaining that the trooper wasn't trying to "go back into the mud", but that the mud was pulling him back in. Most commenters were supportive and understood that this truck driver didn't have to stop at all.

Love sharing Good Samaritan efforts like this. They're not uncommon at all in our part of America, but aren't trumpeted enough in my opinion.

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