If you've driven in the tri-states much over the years, you will likely laugh at this a lot. A hilarious study claims Iowa drivers are the worst in the country while Illinois is among the best.

If this angers you, don't get mad at me. Blame Quote Wizard. I found this story while browsing the Illinois sub-Reddit page. They just shared a very interesting study about where the good and bad drivers are including this very instructive map. For the record, blue is good and red is bad. (NOTE: in baseball the opposite is true, but that's a different story for a different day)

Quote Wizard
Quote Wizard

There is some science behind their words. Here are the factors they used to bake this delicious story:

  • Accidents
  • Speeding tickets
  • DUIs
  • Citations

Why is Iowa so bad? Here's a staggering statistic that Quote Wizard shared:

In just one year, Iowa went from being the 23rd best driving state to the worst. Iowa became the worst by ranking high in nearly every statistical category in 2021.

Wow. That's quite a bit of vehicular underachievement in such a short time, Iowa.

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While Illinoisans might appear to be wearing halos when they're behind the wheel, it's not all sunshine in roses. Illinois ranks as the 5th best state of drivers, but has a huge amount of speeding tickets. That sounds about right.

Where's Missouri in all this? Likely parked behind a row of trees waiting for the police car to pass by based on how I drove in high school.

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