We will all have to wait another year for Free Cone Day.

We all could use a pick me up right now, the weather has been awful, concerts are still far away, and travel is still difficult. Well sadly the pick me up we all need wont be FREE ice cream from Dairy Queen, as they have cancelled Free Cone Day 2021.

Dairy Queen announced on their Facebook page, to see the full post click here, that they have cancelled Free Cone Day 2021. In the post they say...

"As Spring approaches, we all look forward to Free Cone Day, an event that attracts long lines at our restaurants. Given the state of COVID-19, we've made the difficult decision to cancel this year's even with your safety and the safety of our crew members in mind."

Dairy Queen goes on to say in their post that they will bring back Free Cone Day in 2022, and they are looking forward to it. Well I'll tell you this Dairy Queen we are looking forward to it as well! I think this move to cancel Free Cone Day makes sense, the last thing Dairy Queen wants is an outbreak of COVID-19 that can be traced back to people spreading it at a Dairy Queen for a free ice cream cone. Hopefully, for people like me who love Dairy Queen and their free cones, they do something extra special on Free Cone Day 2022, maybe do free large cones, or add toppings for free, or I don't know but something to make it special. Are you sad Free Cone Day 2021 is cancelled?

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