Former Mayor John Lyng is calling for more citizen input in decisions made by the City of Hannibal. He appeared before the city council Tuesday to expand on his comments made at the previous meeting September 6.

Lyng says two projects that have already received council approval—the $5.5 million riverfront project, and the $7 million streets rebuild – should have gone before voters. He said failure to do so is not morally or politically wise. The riverfront plan calls for elimination of the marina.

The former mayor’s suggestions include reinstating the Boat Harbor Commission to manage the harbor. Lyng says the Save Our Marina organization should be given a chance to “put up or shut up” when it comes to marina operation. He also said citizens should be allowed input on ways to save money on the project. When the council first approved the riverfront plan, it was pointed out that officials held an open house and received comments on the project for about 2 weeks prior to approval.

Lyng also made a comparison between the boat harbor and the airport. He said the city never paid a penny for the marina or the airport. Lyng questioned why the city can’t afford to maintain the marina, but can afford the airport that costs taxpayers nearly $75,000 a year. He also questioned why the city can maintain the airport but not hire a city engineer even though it is required by city charter.

The council received Lyng’s suggestions without comment or action.

In other business, the Council approved the following resolutions:

  • A contract with Supervised Probation Services to provide services to the Hannibal Municipal Court.
  • A contract extension with Redflex Traffic Systems for continued red light photo enforcement service at four intersections along Highway 61 in Hannibal.
  • Adoption of the Marion County Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan.  The plan documents Hannibal's assets, i.e. largest employers, emergency service providers, hospitals, etc.  The plan is required by FEMA in case of future flood buyouts.

The council also approved motions:

  • To seek an easement from the owner of property between MACC and the medical campus off Shinn Lane. The intended purpose is to construct a 417-foot sidewalk for a biking and walking trail that would connect to the hospital walking trail.  Cost not to exceed $4650.
  • To close streets in the downtown area on October 11 from 3 to 5 p.m. for the 68th Annual Band Day Parade.

The council also gave a Second and Final Reading to a Bill establishing the city property tax rate for 2016.



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