They say money can't buy you everything. I say, yes it can.

Some of the richest families in America make Illinois home and what these families are worth the common people like myself can't even imagine what it could be like to be worth billions of dollars. Forbes list of the richest families in America has five families from Illinois, each worth billions of dollars.

Pritzker Family - Net Worth $41.6B

The Pritzker family got their fortune from owning several Hyatt hotels and many of the family members are successful. Of course, J.B. is the Governor of Illinois, many are owners and investors in the total chain as well.

Reyes Family - Net Worth $19.9B

The Reyers family runs a successful food and beverage distribution company. Which includes food distributor Martin-Brower, beer distributor Reyes Beverage Group, and bottler Reyes Coca-Cola Bottling.

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Smith Family - Net Worth $19.8B

The Smith Family made their billions in banking and investments. They own 9% of industrial equipment maker Illinois Tool Works which was established in 1912.

Crown family - Net Worth $14.7B

From real estate to manufacturing firms and ski resorts the Crown family makes Forbes list at #30. Can you imagine owning a ski resort and vacationing for free anytime you want?

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