There's been a moderate earthquake on the New Madrid Fault Wednesday night and it has been reported by thousands to the USGS.

According to the USGS, a 4.0 magnitude quake with an epicenter just to the south-southeast of Williamsville, Missouri. Here's the announcement made by the USGS on Facebook Wednesday night.

As of this writing, the quake was reported felt by over 3,000 in the southern part of Missouri.


Several users on the Missouri sub-Reddit page mentioned being woke up by the earthquake.

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The quake was significant enough that it was felt as far away as Kansas City according to Fox 2 St. Louis.

We see small quakes in the 2.0 range all the time on the New Madrid, but not above 4.0. As Wikipedia mentions, a 4.0 or greater will cause visible shaking of indoor objects and will normally cause minimal or no serious damage.

A significant quake like this is a reminder that we always need to remember the history of what happened during the 1811-12 quakes and be aware that the USGS believes a quake as large as 7.7 is possible in the future.

You can check the USGS earthquake page for updates on this and other shakers around the world.

UPDATE: The first 4.0 quake was followed by another 2.5 quake in the same area.

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