There could be a small turkey shortage for the upcoming holiday season.

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Big turkeys seem to be just fine, but if you are one that needs a small turkey for Thanksgiving or Christmas, it's highly suggested you get them now rather than later. Butterball CEO Jay Jandrain said to USA Today,

"We don't expect there to be a shortage overall, but we do see that there are going to be fewer small turkeys this year,"

So why the shortage? Staff issues, COVID, and other contributors have all added up to the shortage that is about to happen. If you do end up getting a large turkey just think of the leftovers you will have for weeks to come. I am sure you will be sick of turkey everything, but that's one less dinner or lunch you have to worry about making. I wonder if turkey chili is any good? Although, I am going to nee a giant turkey for this holiday season.

The other benefit of getting your small turkey now, they can stay in the freezer until Thanksgiving. So I would not wait if the store has the smaller turkeys get out and get them now, you don't want to buy a 20-pound turkey if you only need an 8 to 10 pound one. This way the main part of the Thanksgiving dinner is already bought and you can slowly get your favorite side dishes and not have to buy everything all at once.

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