Most of us that grew up either on or near a farm have heard stories passed down that claim you can fix some basic engine problems with regular food items. Eggs, bread and even tobacco have been mentioned in the repair of radiators, etc. One YouTuber decided to put those old farmer's tales to the test.

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I saw this fun farmer engine hack topic trending on Digg and had to know more. The guy from Donut Media found a mechanic who was willing to test the theory of eggs helping to seal leaks in radiators and bread being used to pull out a pilot bearing. Oh, then there's the one about tobacco in a wet sock being used to clean a dirty windshield.

One very big disclaimer: this is shared for fun and in no way do I recommend you try this on your engine. We're not responsible if suddenly your engine has an egg in it.

If you don't have time to watch all of his (admittedly entertaining) video, here's a summary of what he discovered.

Do eggs really help seal radiators? - NOPE

Does tobacco in a wet sock clean your windshield? - Not unless you consider wet tobacco on your windshield an improvement

Does bread help pull out a pilot bearing? - Yes, it does!

If you are a fan of vehicles and/or engines, I recommend subscribing to Donut Media on YouTube as they frequently share interesting and fun vehicular things like this.

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