It is located in St. Louis and is an absolute chess lovers dream!

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Chess is one of those games that if you play it you love it, so much strategy, patience, planning, and drama in a great game of chess. I found my love for chess at a young age playing with my grandfather, he taught me and my siblings how to play and we all had our own custom chess boards and sets. Well if you are a chess lover like me then a trip down to St. Louis, Missouri is in order because apparently that is where the World Chess Hall of Fame is (I didn't even know chess had a hall of fame!).

I was looking up things to do on my trip to St. Louis in September and stumbled upon the World Chess Hall of Fame, which is located at 4652 Maryland Ave, in St. Louis right near Barnes Jewish Hospital. And on their website they say...

"The World Chess Hall of Fame presents world-class exhibitions that explore the connection of chess to art, culture, and history."

From the looks of the website it seems as though there is a good amount to do there, including the Worlds Largest Chess Piece, and it is all FREE! To learn more check out the website by clicking here! 

Even though entry is free, you are definitely going to spend some money at the gift shop, there seems to be a lot of fun things to get including custom chess sets. I am so glad I found out about this, I mean ya you go to St. Louis for ball games, brewery tours, and the Zoo, BUT maybe throw in the World Chess Hall of Fame too!

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