I tend to be an earthquake nerd, so I'm embarrassed to admit that I didn't know something about a very famous earthquake thing. The thing is the New Madrid Fault has its own sign in Missouri. It does and I can show you where it is thanks to a new video share.

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Adventure of a Lifetime is a Rumble channel that just shared video of their visit to New Madrid, Missouri including a very unique sign that marks the spot of the epicenter of the infamous 1811 and 1812 8+ magnitude quakes that caused the Mississippi River to flow backwards for a period of time.

The sign is near the pier that overlooks the island where the Civil War battle happened back during (spoiler alert) the Civil War. An earthquake fault with its own sign. That is very much a Missouri thing.

New Madrid, Missouri has been the focal point of many events over the years including the 1990 prediction by Iben Browning of a massive quake that never happened. During the mega-quakes of 1811, we've chronicled multiple strange happenings which occurred including church bells ringing on the east coast.

The good news is that while FEMA estimates the New Madrid Fault could be capable of producing a 7.7 quake in the future, there's only about a 7 to 10% chance it'll happen in the next 50 years. While we wait and hope that doesn't happen in our lifetime, know that you can go visit the New Madrid Fault's sign in New Madrid, Missouri because why not? As the song says, "here's your sign".

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