Back in 1971, KHMO Farm Director Dick McHargue emceed the Hull Centennial Queen Contest. He needed to fill some time before the crowning of the queen, so he told a story.

It was about a radio station in Decatur, Illinois that thought it would be a good idea to stage a promotion at a local shopping center at Thanksgiving time. It involved dropping turkeys from an airplane, assuming the turkeys would leave the plane, take flight and land safety.

Just one problem - these were domesticated turkey, which do not fly. So, they fell - onto to the parking lot, through windshields and roofs of houses.

Fast forward to November 27, 1978. In an episode of "WKRP in Cincinnati." General Manager Arthur Carlson is feeling a little left out of the day-to-day operation of his station since it's change to a rock and roll format. So, he comes up with a Thanksgiving turkey giveaway promotion. All he shares with the staff is that Sales Manager Herb Tarlik has been directed to get 20 live turkeys for a live broadcast.

And then, this happens ...

By the way, the creators of WKRP said in an interview that this episode was based on a real Thanksgiving promotion at a shopping center in Atlanta.

Wherever the misguided radio promotion originated, it became sitcom gold, and is still a classic moment 43 years later.

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