JJ Watt is free to sign wherever he wants, Chiefs fans here is your pitch to land him.

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It is not often in the NFL that a guaranteed 1st ballot hall of famer is available on the open market, but when the Houston Texans, the worst run franchise currently in the NFL, released JJ Watt that is exactly what happened.

JJ Watt could retire and in five years he would be giving a speech as a first ballot hall of famer, the guy has multiple defensive player of the year awards, over 100 sacks, and perhaps the most important thing on his resume, he is a Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year award winner. But after a couple injury riddled seasons, Watt bounced back last year, and appears to have a decent amount left in the tank if he can stay healthy. Now that is a BIG if, but Watt has many suitors and options that make sense like, Pittsburgh to play with his two brothers, or Green Bay to go back home and play for the team he grew up rooting for, or Chicago to play for a great defense and live where his wife lives. But here is why he should choose KC and why the Chiefs should offer him a deal.

The Chiefs offense will be electric for years to come as long as Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes are there, but in order to win many Super Bowls they need bolster the defense that was middle of the pack this year. JJ Watt would immediately make life easier for the Chiefs best defender Chris Jones, you wouldn't be able to double team him as much, and defensive line pressure on opposing QBs always improves the play of the safeties and corners. Also Watt wants to win after years of losing and struggles in Houston, the Chiefs would offer him that, plus Watt would get to do what he does best rush the passer. The Chiefs are one of the few teams he could go to and it would guarantee he would play with a lead late in games, that would allow him to rush the passer knowing that the opposing offense is passing to play catch up.

You could structure the 2 or 3 year deal to be full of incentives where Watt could make more money the more he produces, saving the Chiefs money to work on their other issues. Plus it wouldn't look like a total "ring chaser" move because of the Chiefs loss to Tampa, they need him and he needs them. Watt will have options, the Chiefs should make an offer, and Watt should strongly consider it. Where do you think he should sign?

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