(Hannibal)--A request by Hannibal City Councilman Mike Dobson to extend the Main Street asphalt project to North Street was voted down 4 to 2 Tuesday night.

Dobson suggested the portion from 3rd to the intersection of Main Street should be added since it connects to Main and is in need of repair.

Project manager Brian Chaplin told the council asphalting over the concrete street would be a 'band aid' approach and the $7500 cost might not be a wise expenditure, as the large cracks in the concrete would soon return. Chaplin said the best approach would be a concrete overlay, but that is not in the budget.

Councilman Kevin Lionberger stated the city needs to focus their resurfacing efforts on a lot of other streets outside the historic district, including some in his ward.

Dobson proposed cutting the North Street project in half, but in the end, the council rejected the proposal.

The council approved spending up to $30,000 on an engineering assessment of the Community Pool, after Parks and Rec Director Andy Dorian told the council the facility needs major renovations.

The council decided further study is needed regarding a proposal to take over the operation of the Molly Brown House. Hannibal Convention and Visitor's Bureau Director Gail Bryant told council the home is losing money and faces an uncertain future.  Mayor Hark stated he preferred the City not invest any more money into the operation. Hark said before entering into any kind of agreement with a private party, more clarity is needed as to who would be responsible for maintenance and upkeep of the Molly Brown House.

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