A report is out suggesting there are TWO possible retailers for the old Kmart location in Quincy... Target & Costco...So if these are the finalists which one would be BEST for Quincy?

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According to an article from our friends over at the Herald-Whig, there are so many stipulations on what the business needs to move into the old Kmart location on Broadway in Quincy that there are only TWO possible retails that could fit the bill...Target and Costco. In the article from the Whig they say...

" ...a retailer occupying the Kmart building also must be a Fortune 500 company, have 500 stores nationwide, have at least 20 stores in Illinois and be one of the top 20 retail producers in the country...Retailers that would meet these requirements include Costco and Target."

To read the full article from our friends at the Herald-Whig click here! 

Soooooo...IF those are the two secretive finalists which one is actually BEST for Quincy in the old Kmart location?

Here is my argument for Target: Target would attract a ton of shopping for Millenials and younger generations to the Quincy area, they would also be a desirable place to work for Millenials and younger. Target is a unique retailer in the sense that they focus on higher-quality clothing and home goods than their main competition Walmart, however, they do tend to be pricier than their competitor. We don't need more grocery options in Quincy, but the fact that you could shop for groceries there is appealing if you are going in for other reasons.

Here is my argument for Costco: SAMs Club is always busy! Bringing is Costco would give Quincy a direct competitor to SAMs and while they offer a lot of the same items Costco does have things that are unique to their stores you can't find anywhere else. For what it is worth, I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago in a town that had SAMs and a Costco and the Costco cafeteria is better.

So which is BEST for Quincy? The answer is easy BOTH. We as residents of the Quincy area would be the winners regardless of which retail (if it is one of these two) chooses to take over the old Kmart building. The target would offer more clothing and home good options, while Costco would bring in great jobs and a brilliant cafeteria (also it would make SAMs less busy and that would be nice for the shopping experience). Which of these two options would you prefer?

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