You might have $5 or $500 on Missouri's largest lost and found list of unclaimed property.

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The Missouri State Treasurer's office reports on average more than $1 billion in unclaimed assets. 1 in 10 Missourians has Unclaimed Property and the average return is $300. Right now, $300 is a lot of money and although it won't go too far, it will help with a tank of gas and a few groceries.

How to Claim Your Property

It's easy. Visit the Missouri Treasure website and click on Search for Unclaimed Property.  You can see if you have unclaimed funds for personal or business and then just follow the questions.

How Do People Lose Their Property?

Lots of it comes from safe deposit boxes. This occurs when either businesses close, people pass away, or just plain forget they have a safety deposit box. Banks and financial institutions then turn over unclaimed money/property to the Missouri State Treasurer's Office.

The contents of those safe deposit boxes contain family heirlooms, jewelry and other keepsakes. The Treasurer and his team work to return these items to the heroes who earned them or their families.

Also, the Treasurer's Office never charges to return unclaimed property. You just never know filling out a form online could get you cash, unclaimed family heirlooms, or something you never thought you would see again.

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