Going on right now in Big Bear, California, is a gunfight between law-enforcement officials and alleged cop-killer Christopher Dorner. Multiple officers have apparently been injured during the battle, in which hundreds of rounds have been fired.

A large manhunt for Dorner has been under way for days now, extending as far as Tijuana, Mexico, on Monday. It appears that the manhunt may have finally located its target.

Dorner is a former Los Angeles police officer who was fired for lying about his supervisor. He then declared war on the LAPD, and that seems to be what he is trying to carry out. First, he allegedly killed Riverside police officer Michael Crain, last Thursday. Then he may have murdered Monica Quan and her fiance. Quan is the daughter of Randal Quan, a former LAPD captain whom Dorner mentioned in a Facebook post outlining his grievances.

Live video coverage can be seen here.

As events develop, we will update this post.

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